We are 100% Canadian owned & operated. Our mission is to support our Canadian customers with expert advice, exceptional customer service and top quality electronic cigarettes and e-juice.



E-Cig Plus Canada was started by Geoff Parmelee, a 40 year smoker who discovered e-cig's for himself in 2011 and has been smoke free ever since.  He was so impressed with this low cost alternative and at how easy it was to stop smoking by simply switching to e-cigs.  After just a few weeks of being smoke free Geoff found that his sence of taste had returned and he started to breath better and experience the other health benefits such as increased energy, improvement in stamina and better skin color.  He began searching out the best products available and shared his discovery with co-workers, friends and family who also realized what a great alternative smoke free electronic cigarettes are to tobacco.

During his reasearch Geoff realized that due to the rising popularity of e-cigs worldwide there has been an explosion of low quality e-cig knock-offs available on the internet.  There has been a rash of Canadian sites that are re-selling these cheap, low quality electronic cigarettes at close to the same price as the top quality e-cigs while other re-sellers were providing the quality brand e-cigs to the uninitiated at ridiculously high prices.  Geoff started E-Cig Plus Canada as a way to source genuine top quality e-cig brands directly from the original manufacturer.  He is now making top quality e-cigs available to Canadian consumers at a fair price.

Electronic cigarettes tend not bother those around you so they are becoming acceptable in many places where cigarettes are banned such as in bars, airports, at work, shopping malls, hotels, night clubs, etc. E-Cigs appear to be much less harmfull than cigarettes and they are much less costly (refilling an e-cig costs 75%-80% less than using cigarettes).  They are completely eco-friendly with no litter, no flame and no smoke.  They are easy to use and the models we provide are rechargeable, refillable and reusable.

Electronic cigarettes have been around for quite a few years and have now been approved for sale in many countries (including the USA) so there is an ever increasing amount of good information available.  We suggest you do the research yourself so you can decide if e-cigs are a good alternative for you.

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E-Cig Plus Canada strives to provide Canadian customers with the very best electronic cigarette starter kits and flavored e-juices available in Canada at very competitve prices. We provide a one stop vape shop, with focus on quality and customer service. We do extensive research to identify the best product brands on the market. We then purchase our e-cigs directly from the name brand manufacturer and sell them directly to our customers to ensure consistant quality at unbeatable prices.  We also produce a large variety of custom blended, top quality e-juice that we feel is the best quality available in Canada.

Product can be ordered on-line through our shopping cart found on the Products & Pricing Page or by contacting us directly through our Contact Us page. We will deliver your order within 24-48 hours (in BC) or within 5 business days anywhere else in Canada.  Payment methods include credit card, direct debit, Interac e-transfer, cheque or money order by mail.

E-Cig Plus News

  • November 2011 our founder Geoff Parmelee discovers e-cigs and kicks his 40 year, pack a day smoking habit with ease by switching to e-cigs.  
  • December - January 2012 Geoff begins researching e-cigs and becomes the go-to person for friends, family and co-workers that want to try e-cigs as well. 
  • February - August, 2012 Geoff begins ordering products for others so they can obtain quality products at reasonable prices.  Requests for e-cigs orders & assistance double each month.
  • October 2012 - E-Juice Canada is formed.
  • January 1, 2013 - E-Juice Canada launches website!
  • February, 2013 - E-Juice Canada becomes E-Cig Plus Canada.
  • March 1, 2013 - New Pay Pal On-Line shopping Cart added.
  • April 2013 - E-juice menu is expanded to 25 flavors
  • May, 2013 - E-Cig selection is doubled and e-Juice menu expands to 35 custom blended flavors.
  • January, 2014 - Kangertech E-Cigs & Accessories added to our product Line
  • February, 2014 - E-Juice menu is expanded to over 40 flavors
  • March 2014 - Pay Pal gives notice that they are discontinuing access to their on-line order processing service because they consider e-cigs a tobacco related product which cannot be sold through their cart.
  • April 2014 - New on-line service provider found. Developement of new online shopping cart in progress.