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We are committed to supporting our Canadian customers with expert advice, unbeatable prices, exceptional customer service and the best e-cig in Canada. We are 100% Canadian owned & operated and stock only top quality  starter kits,  electronic cigarettes,  accessories  and the best  e-juice  available in Canada.

You may have heard of e-cigarettes, seen them in the movies or know of others that are joining the evolution. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and find out how you can become smoke free too!



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Why Choose E-Cig Plus Canada?

There are many makes and models of electonic cigarettes (some of very poor quality).  We have done the research for you and have developed relationships with the best electronic cigarette manufacturers world-wide.  We take pride in providing outstanding customer service and expert advice to help you find the e-cig that meets your needs. 

E-Cig Plus Canada carries only the highest quality electronic cigarettes in Canada.  We source our e-cigs directly from the leading electonic cigarette manufacturers that make innovation and quality control their number one priority. We keep a full inventory of products and we order direct from the manufacturers to cut out the middle men. This allows us to maintain quality and provide the best electronic cigarettes in Canada at unbeatable prices. Our customer service is unsurpassed and our products are shipped directly from our warehouse within 24 hours so that our customers receive their product in 3-5 days without needing to pay premium shipping fees.

We offer a wide variety of e juice (over 30 flavors) including coffee, fruit, chocolate, tobacco and many of our own custom flavors. We produce our e-juice in Canada from only the highest quality 99.9% pure ingredients that contain no carcinogens. We understand that our customers have varying preferences so we provide the option to order juices that are custom blended to your liking.

We stock only top quality refillable style e-cigs because electronic cigarettes with refillable cartridges cost much less to use than regular e-cigs that require continual replacement of pre-filled cartridges. The 2 main types of refillable e-cigs are tank and cartomizer systems. Tank systems utilize a refillable tank cartridge with a separate atomizer (heating element). The cartomizer system combines the atomizer and the tank into a single unit called a cartomizer.  Our starter kits are available with tanks, cartomizers or both systems and include high performance Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries that feature state of the art circuitry to ensure long life and consistent performance between charges.

We will be happy to help you find the right model to fit your needs.  If you would like to order product on-line or would like additional information on vaping or electronic cigarettes feel free to contact us through our contact page, or call/text us at 778-848-5758.  Note: We are in the process of setting up a new shopping cart and enhanced payment processing services so our Pay-Pal check-out service is no longer active.


 About Electronic Cigarettes


60 Second E-Cig Overview                               15 Minute Complete Overview on Electronic Cigarettes

60 Second Overview on E-Cigs                        15 Minute Complete Overview 


E-cigarettes produce only vapor, not smoke so you don't ever have to smell smoke again, and neither will those around you.  Millions of smokers worldwide have already discovered this satisfying and healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. Another advantage of switching to electronic cigarettes is that you can use e-cigs anytime anywhere smoking is prohibited i.e. in offices, restaurants, beaches and clubs. No smoke no smell no problems. E-cigarettes also cut the cost of smoking by 70-80% compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Our refillable style e-cigs reduce the cost even further.

E-cigarettes are the new cleaner and healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Tobacco has over 200 cancer causing chemicals and there are over 1,000 other harmful compounds found in the smoke (like tar and carbon monoxide) that are produced as a result of combustion.  E-cigarettes are smoke free. They produce vapor by heating a liquid called E-Juice.  Quality e-juice contains only 3 components and no carcinogens. E-cig vapor is produced without combustion so it contains NO CARCINOGENS, NO TAR, NO CARBON MONOXIDE. Since E-Cigs are smoke free the vapor has none of the other harmful by-products found in cigarette smoke.

The way an e-cigarettes works is quite simple.  There is a battery that provides power, a cartridge that holds the liquid e-juice and an atomizer coil that turns the e-juice into vapor (like the element in a kettle).

The battery is the heart of the e-cig. This is where re-sellers of the cheaper knock-offs fall short and are creating a bad reputation for e-cigs. Our top quality state of the art Lithium batteries are extremely stable and can be recharged between 300-500 times! All of our batteries feature auto-off, short circuit and overcharge protection for safety. Battery chargers are included with all of our starter kits. Some of our mini e-cig models feature PCC's (portable charging cases) that continually recharge the e-cig between usages to keep it fully charged for up to 4 days. Our e-cig kits are available with refillable tank or cartomizer systems and the best quality Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries to ensure long life and consistent vapor production between charges.



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